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Antonio Miguel
Aith Neto Lawyers

Founded in 2008 by the partners Antonio Miguel Aith Neto and Fernando de Oliveira Camargo, Antonio Miguel Aith Neto Sociedade de Advogados is a law firm dedicated to solving their clients’ legal issues, combining technical expertise, attention to detail, commitment and excellence in service.

Areas of expertise


Civil Law

Our team specialises in legal assistance and oral arguments;


Corporate Law

Expertise in resolution of interests between entrepreneurs and corporations;


Administrative law

We pride ourselves delving deep into each case to carry out every process with objectivity;



Maria Sylvia Ribeiro
Pereira Barretto

Practice Areas: Civil and Civil Procedural Law, Corporate, Business Law, Arbitrage, Contracts and Inheritance Law.  
Languages: English, French and Italian

Paula de Souza

Practice Areas: Civil Procedural Law, Estate and Inheritance Planning, Family Law and Inheritance Law.
Language: English 

Ernesto Wagner Hamada Cohn

Pratice Areas: Contracts and Business Law, Economic Criminal Law
Specialist in Economic Law by FGV. MBA FGV/Ohio University.
Non- partner Associate of the firm since 2022
Language: English

Antonio Miguel

Aith Neto

Practice Areas: Civil Law and Civil Procedural Law, Administrative Law, Corporate and Real Estate Law, as well as legal issues relating to investment funds.  
Languages: English and French

Fernando de

Oliveira Camargo

Practice Areas: Civil Law and Civil Procedural Law, Consumer Law, Contract Law and Corporate Law
Languages: English and German

Ana Claudia Bissi Callado Moraes

Practice Areas: Civil Procedural Law and Corporate Law
Language: English

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